IS AGENT CARTER Ending? If You Believe The Newest Casting News

IS AGENT CARTER Ending? If You Believe The Newest Casting and production News...

Marvel's Agent Carter stars Hayley Atwell. It's in its second season right now. Albeit short, eight-episode season.

But a few things have taken place that make your eyebrows go up and start wondering if Agent Carter is doomed.

For one, industry experts are saying that a renewal of the show is not likely.

Second, Atwell has been cast in a new, upcoming show that according to reports, takes first position in her acting duties, over Agent Carter.

Third - a shortened season usually means it's a polite allowance to let a show die a natural death and let the production staff end it on a good note.

As if the lead character actress landing a new acting gig isn't bad enough of a spoiler/warning, the executive producers are also now working on a new pilot for ABC.

It seems that THIS is the final season of Agent Carter.

So be it. I've barely had time to make the time for the show as it is.

This is, though, reminding me of when Norman Reedus started up a new show last summer, and everyone started freaking out then that he was getting killed off. (Boy, would that have been a bad thing...)
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