MacGyver has duct-taped his way into a reboot, with a pilot episode ordered by CBS. But you should also expect it to be a crazy, fast-paced and action-packed show, considering that Furious 7's director, James Wan, will be directing the pilot episode.

Supposedly this one will be about a young MacGyver in his early days.

No casting news has been announced yet.


WGN AMERICA wanted us to know via  a press release that the Outsiders premiere was their most viewed original series in its history, netting 3.9 million viewers, with 5.5 million viewers chiming in with Live + 3 data.

(To be honest, they need to pump up those "+" numbers because sometimes people just don't have the time to jump right on content just because they recorded it.)


For the Joel Kinnaman fans out there, he's joining Netflixes House of Cards for its 4th season. Yay, I like this guy's presentation.

Plus, keep your eye out for him in DC's new movie, Suicide Squad.

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