CBS renewed their powerhouse drama, NCIS, for another two seasons. That will keep the show running through the 2018 TV season. That will put it on track to being on the air for 15 years. Not bad for a spinoff, huh?


Channing Tatum's Gambit film keeps getting shoved around by FOX. Now that Fox has a hit in the form of Deadpool, they've added two new unnamed Marvel projects to their film schedule, resulting in Gambit getting pulled.

We'll see if Tatum can get his film back off the ground. But right now there's no faith in the project from Fox.

Hey gang, can we say Ant-Man? Or another recent film no one had faith in, Deadpool?


Fox is setting it's sites on March 2018 as the release date for its next Predator movie. It's being referred to as The Predator, is being directed by Shane Black and if I read the rumors right, it will be a direct sequel to the first film that Arnie was in.


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