New SPAWN Script Done! Plus Fox Orders Another Reboot

Todd McFarlane Is still hoping to get another Spawn movie out there. He made an announcement of sorts that he has finished his first take on a new Spawn script.

It still needs whittling down (AKA, editing) but at least he's still working on it.

We all know that first Spawn movie had potential, but since back in that day studios had no faith in comic-based movies, they made most of them "quirky" or "cutesy" or over-the-top stupid projects.

So McFarlane's first spin at the movie, though it could have been good, got screwed over with the clown and other stupid characters.

Here's hoping.

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Fox has ordered a pilot for a Lethal Weapon TV version reboot. Riggs has not been cast yet, but Damon Wayans Sr will be playing Murtaugh.

I wonder how many reboots "Hollywood" can get away with before we get sick of it?

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