Orange is the New Black has been renewed for THREE more seasons by Netflix. That's one hell of an investment, that's for sure. But great news for fans!


USA is happy with Colony and has renewed the series for a second season. No word on how many episodes will be ordered. It stars Josh Holloway (“Lost”) and Sarah Wayne Callies (“The Walking Dead”).

I love how they have been alluding to who or what the invaders are, but aren't quite giving up the ghost yet. Well done!


Oh word...The Real Housewives of New Jersey will be returning on Bravo later this season, now that our convict, Teresa Giudice, is out of jail.

OK, seriously, can't we call it the Real Housewives of Jail Time now? Yes, I just went there.


I seriously love hating Shades of Blue. They did not give us time to become hooked on any character, but rather, threw us in the pool, for us to just hate watching good people do bad things for bad reasons. It's like Sons of Anarchy, but on the other side of the shield!

Any way... sorry, got carried away there... NBC has given a renewal order for a second season of Shades of Blue.

Blue now joins early renewal ordered shows like Blindspot, The Blacklist, Law & Order: SVU, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med.

Shades of Blue is the most DVRd show this season.


I'm sure you've seen this already, but The Good Wife's last season will be this upcoming season that starts in early May.

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