THE CW Nabs Six New Potential Shows

Recent news shows that The CW has ordered pilot episodes for six different new TV shows.

One is a new spin on an old classic, called Riverdale, based on the Archie Comics. (At least they haven't stuck zombie in the mix on this one!)

What I presume to be a vampire-based series, called Transylvania, which is going to take place in the 1880s.

Do you remember the 2000 movie Frequency, starring Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel? There will be a pilot of the same name based on the movie.

No Tomorrow will follow a couple who were living high on the hog just before an apocalypse hits their world.

There's a pilot with no name (Sounds like a title to a song) that will focus on a team of explorers who joins a human colony on Mars.

And there will be a pilot about a young woman who begins to experience paranormal phenomena and seeks help from a shrink.

(If you haven't seen the 1982 film, The Entity, with Barbara Hershey, that's a must see, pants-crapping fun film! But don't watch it with little kids, there is a moment or two of an adult-themed moment that will just creep you out and have the kids asking questions you don't want to answer.)

- - -

The Disney Channel is ordering a live-action sci-fi show called Mech-X4. It's being called a comedic adventure series about four boys who control a giant robot to protect their town. It's slated to premiere sometime this year on Disney XD. Hmm. I instantly think of Johnny Sokko.

- - -

Cartoon Network will be producing a new and young DC super hero series called Justice League Action.

It will be a quick, 15-minute animated series from Warner Bros. Animation that will feature the usual iconic characters from the stable of DC characters, like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Voice talent will include Mark Hamill as Joker, James Woods as Lex Luthor, Diedrich Bader as Booster Gold.

- - -

Hey Gotham fans, Jada Pinkett Smith (couldn't get another job, I mean,) will be returning to Gotham as Fish Mooney in a multi-episode story arc this season.

I thought she was leaving, gone, leaving the production? Am I mis-remembering?

- - -

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