The Disappointment That Was The SUPERB OWL, No Bud Horses and More

Yes, I said Superb Owl. Apparently the NFL has been going after people using the name of the event to market their own businesses. I thought I'd play it safe and not type out Super Bowl... oh... crap.

For $9 million a minute (That does not cost ad production costs), I would expect more from the ads, but they seem to not be panning out with people any more. And all these "Top 10 Super Bowl" articles out there seem to be scoring on a sliding scale!!!

From what I've seen and what about a dozen people have told me so far, the ads, as I expected, were nothing compared to the ads of yesteryear. They were quite boring and it seemed obvious that in some cases, the production costs were cut to save bucks. Especially in the case of the Budweiser ad with Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer.

Schumer does absolutely nothing for me, and that's OK. We gel with various types and angry blondes is not one of them for me. She actually deters me away from things. And Seth Rogen is a funny guy, if you love needlessly expletive-filled, graphic comedies.

For me, one thing is clear and that is the plan to phase out the classic and majestic Budweiser Clydesdales from Budweiser ads is in full swing.

Back in 2014, Anheuser-Busch InBex (Budweiser is a Belgian-Brazilian owned company)  said they were replacing the horses so they can start appealing to younger audiences. And this year that promise is more evident than ever before.

In fact, back in 2014 it was said that "they (the horses) will be included in the next two seasonal advertising pushes." And then there were no promises beyond that.

So get ready to say goodbye to those huge, majestic beasts.

One ad that caught my mind's funny-bone attention was how the NFL was quoting a statistic about how there is a rash of births nine months after the Super Bowl, proving that football is a family sport. HA!

I'd like to wonder out-loud if a rash of births nine months after the Super Bowl is because there's a lot of beer at SB parties? Just saying.

Though it was one of the best Super Bowl half-time shows ever, I really have to wonder why Coldplay's singer can't stand up while he performs? It was distracting.


In past years you could find a YouTube channel dedicated to the Super Bowl ads all in one place, but this year, CBS has hoarded them all under their "All Access" channel. So we have to go find them all under each product's name, if we want to see them. Meh, their loss.

I think the best of the ads weren't the product ads from what folks are saying but rather, the movie trailers that came out during game day. Right? So with that in mind, my next few posts today will be focused on those ads.

At least they pay out with some fun and exciting footage to watch, right? Stay tuned... coming next are the ads from the movie distributor press releases....


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