THE EXPANSE First Season, Fun, Yet Slow and Confusing

The first season of The Expanse on Syfy has come to a close and to be honest, I'm not sure if having read the books screwed me up for this rendition of the tale or not. But there is one thing for sure, and that's that they've added a ton of filler content to fill out the season, that's for sure.

But be it as it may, it was a deep rooted tale of mystery and intrigue, peppered with political screw overs that probably made the Battle Star Galactic fans of old pretty happy.

Am I right?


A few websites seem to be drooling all over themselves about how incredible the series was. And compared to some of the stuff on Syfy or just out on TV, yes, it was a solid and deep telling of a mystery of which, you the viewer, have no clue what could be happening. (Unless you read the books.)

But if you read the books you know they have completely taken details and plot points and moved them around, removed them altogether or added stuff that isn't necessary.

We've seen events in season one that probably should not have even started being hinted at yet...

We've not seen events that started the story in the books... at all. And to be honest, seeing this one event was what led to my wide-eyed reading of the tale, wondering WTF?

They've completely remashed up the crew chemistry for the show.

They've smothered the true nature of who Holden is and why he's such a huge piece of the story.

They skipped over some great little details about Julie and other facets that happened to her that would have been great to see.

Not to mention completely adding new material to the story that was never in the books. In several plot lines.


Having moved things around and added new things to the story, and having a ton... A TON of conversational scenes padding season one of The Expanse to have kept the second half of the first book of the series safe from prying eyes.

Yep, they're moving at a snail's pace with the story. And I'm not sure why because there are huge events coming up and plenty of story to tell from the book series that could fill a few seasons of the show.

But I'm guessing they're going to draw it out as much as they can in case they need five or more seasons out of the story.


Despite my frustration with the conversion to the small screen, with the production staff having moved things around from the books, have made it a boring but engaging story line for those who may have not read the books.

But I know several folks who have bailed on wanting to watch the show because it got extremely slow for them. I hope that the crew at Syfy think about this and pick it up a bit more, because there is a rich story to tell that's coming up. If they don't dilute it with minutia.

On the other hand, it was nice that the entire season was completely unpredictable. Because when I saw the first Hunger Games movie, I did think WTF?, because there was so little new material in the movie I felt like I wasted my money.

So there's that.

For me, I like the books so much that I actually paid the higher than normal Kindle version price for the books. There is a reason that book one is called LEVIATHAN WAKES.  But we skipped that tiny detail in the first season. Here it is on Amazon if you're interested:  Leviathan Wakes.

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