TRANFORMERS 6 Will be a Bumblebee spinoff (& Movie Release Schedule)

Here's some cool news, where it's been announced that TF6 (TRANFORMERS 6) Will be a Bumblebee spinoff, per a Hasbro press conference call.

"This summer we worked closely with a talented team of A-list screenwriters to map out the future of the Transformers cinematic universe, and as [Hasbro President] Brian [Goldner] announced earlier, things kick off in a major way in 2017 with the release of Transformers 5 in June. And we’re working on a spin-off movie centered around Bumblebee for 2018 and the next chapter for 2019."

This means that (I'll never do another one) Michael Bay returns to direct Transformers 5. The script for TF5 is written by Art Marcum & Matt Holloway (Iron Man) and Ken Nolan (Black Hawk Down).

TF5 comes out on June 23, 2017.

Right now that date will be competing with the Kingsman sequel (06/16), and DC's Wonder Woman movie. (06/23). They're doomed.

Transformers 6 (which Bay isn't directing [wink, wink]) comes out on June 8, 2018. Which will be facing off with the Godzilla sequel (06/08), and the Jurassic World sequel (06/22). That will be a tough one... being a lifelong Godzilla fan and all, versus, riding the bandwagon that the TF movies have created.

Transformers 7 comes out on June 28, 2019. That release date competes with the second Justice League movie.  Wow, again effing with another DC comic movie. What's the beef gang??

They are definitely throwing down the towel and taking on the other fantasy franchises at the box office. And the Transformers film franchise has always done well at the box office.

It will be interesting. Plus, as we've seen, release dates can change. Which is why I usually only reference the month/year for most releases. Ya can't trust those marketing basterds! But for nuance sake, I did this time.

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