TURBO: A POWER RANGERS MOVIE Tests The Tolerances of Your Patience

First... yes, I know what it is. This franchise is aimed at the smaller wee folk of our society. But I think even they would think this flick sucks. It was so bad, I HAD TO WRITE ABOUT it!

The film is directed by David Winning and Shuki Levy. Who?  Exactly. But at least the kids will be disappointed by familiar faces, as the cast from the TV series shows up to done the spandex in this flick.

Normally, I'm fairly tolerant of most movies. It takes a lot for me to actively say something is horrible. It's rare when I actually end up watching something like that. I try to avoid bad movies. And as things go, it's an accepted fact of television life exactly what the Power Rangers franchise...  A kid's movie that ends up showcasing giant monsters and giant robots. It's the extreme of popcorn fun.

But wow, A Power Rangers Movie takes the franchise and dumps it hard in the trash can of tolerance. Hell, it's so bad, it has a frighteningly low IMDb movie rating of 3.3.

This "movie" has worse production values than any half-hour TV episode ever made. It makes ANYTHING on the Syfy channel look like a literary work of excellence.

We have stiff acting, cheaply made effects, and some seriously lacking logistics of story detail.

For the kids that might watch the film, there is only one scene with giant robot vs giant monsters, and that's at the very end. So the kids will be disappointed.  The rest of, or most of the movie tries to tell a story. LOL.

The giant robot looks horrible. It's chest plate is so fat it could not even clap its hands if it wanted to, their new cars/equipment looks cheaply made.

The cast mails it in, so even they don't save the waning energy of the movie.

IF there are dads/guys watching the movie with their kids, they will be happy to know that there are a fascinating number of gratuitous camera shots of the female cast.

Speaking of gratuitous, the dads will be particularly happy withe the casting and outfitting of the evil witch queen,  Divatox. Diva is played by Hilary Shepard, whose obvious features are squeezed together and pushed up beyond any man's dreams. But then they must have told her to overact as much as possible. Her only recurring TV role is this character, in multiple Rangers episodes. (Great, I see the dads rushing out to order the series on DVD now "for their kids!"

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And then there's the part where the four-foot tall kid transforms into a six-foot tall Power Ranger.

Yes, I did watch it. I had to. It's like a train wreck that you can't look away from. Except when your body's natural self-defense mechanism kicks in. My brain wanted out and became mysteriously tired and passed out for most of the film. I had to back it up and DVR-FF through it to see if I missed some golden nugget of hope.

LOL, no worries, there's nothing to see here. Move along.

If anyone paid money to see this thing, they paid too much. Hell, free is too much, even for this franchise! Just saying.
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