X-FILES Revival Failed The Fans In Many Ways

How the X-FILES revival blew it and failed us all.

Well, after much hoopla and expectations, the X-Files newest season of a mere six-episodes has come and gone, and it left me with a familiar and bitter taste in my proverbial mouth.

Despite all the chest pounding and marketing from the producers that we'll be seeing funny stand-alone episodes, and strong hinting at revisiting the Peacock family, they ended up making liars out of all of us that were reporting these developments and teases. Or X-Lies.

When the six-episode run of X-Files kicked it in gear, it was awesome to see the original opening and most of the original cast. But then they jumped right back into what got the show long in the tooth back in its day, the government conspiracies.

I know that's what the series was based around, but that very same drawl about the government interfering with our lives without us knowing it is what got the show cancelled in the first place. And they went right back to it.

We then got a few stand-alone episodes, and the one with the monster that was bitten, was cute, but more ironic than it was funny. But we were looking for funny.

We met the two new agents who may eventually take up the mantle of the X-Files, if the series continues, though, to be honest, the last name of the Scully replacement is too distracting. And through it all, we were treated to some of the same content that was the fun of the show back in the day. With the exception of the first and last episodes, which beat that dead horse back into the ground.


They twisted the premise of the cover up around in an interesting angle, but this "season finale" of the 2016 version just went deep with an event that I don't think they can come back with. They altered the fabric of this franchises world when humanity all over the entire world started getting sick.

And it all came down to Scully's ability to discover her alien DNA was the answer to curing the world from dying. THE WORLD.

But as things started winding down in this final episode, and she reconnected with Mulder, the one thing I did not expect started to happen.

Though I have to admit, watching Fox kick some ass finally, (after how many years???) was awesome!!!

No, they did not "Jump the Shark" with the season finale. They went and picked up the shark and jumped the planet with it as they ended this "season" in a cliffhanger.

Let's be honest, the last time we saw that ship in this show/mini-series run, it blew up the other whistle blower. Let's just presume that since Scully was trying to use her own secret to save society, that it will blow her and Mulder up too. Mulder, just because he's right next to her when the mystery alien government ship zaps Scully.


If The X-Files comes back to Fox, I think this unimaginative ending to a fantastic opportunity left me sad. Sad and in my case, not caring if it returns. At all. I've got enough in my DVR to worry about and I don't need to add something that is not going to help the franchise evolve. Because in this case, evolving was a critical move they needed to make here, and it did not happen.

I'm going out on a limb here.

Since Fox has had a "fantastic" track record with meddling with cult favorites (Can we say Firefly, Dollhouse and more? Yes, they f*ed with the episode order of Dollhouse when it came on the air, just like they did with Firefly.), I would not be surprised if word of their interference gets out sometime in the next year or so.
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