BATMAN v SUPERMAN Is Being Punished By Movie Critics

There comes a time when one suddenly realizes just how focused movie critics are, in their own world of movie reviews. And in so being, are incredibly disconnected by the true fan. This being the case, this leaves fans with no really good resources for deciding if they want to see a movie or not.

Case in point... critics absolutely love to trash on the Transformers franchise and yet, multiple billions later, the film franchise now has its own "cinematic universe," helmed by some top-notch quality writers from this point forth!

My next case in point, is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Over on Rotten Tomatoes, it sits at 29%, per the professional critics, while 73% of the real audience loved it.

Over on IMDb, it has a 7.4 / 10 score. (At this time that I wrote this.)

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Admittedly, the chorus of movie critics trashing on the film had even myself worried, despite my never trusting the entrenched critic. They're kind of like politicians... playing to their own club and not the people they serve.

But something made me go to the movie, and to be honest, WOW, I was very glad I went.

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If you're a mere movie-goer going to see the movie, I can see where there might be some issues with your movie experience.

But if you're a fan of the source comics for this movie, sure, there was some jumping around and a few things just popping up for annoying reasons, but it all made perfect sense. To the franchise fans.

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Now despite BvS setting box office records with its opening weekend numbers, now we're seeing that from Friday to Sunday, it has also set a record for the biggest drop in ticket sales from Friday to Sunday.

Now reportedly, Forbes is saying it broke records but when I look at Box Office Mojo, (Whom they quote), BvS sits 27th on the Friday to Saturday drop records.

And Forbes seems to be digging hard at attacking the movie, yet...

It sits at No. 1 in

Easter Opening Weekends     1
Opening Weekends - March     1
Opening Weekends - Spring     1


And sits in the top-10 lists of

Worldwide Openings     4
Foreign Opening Weekends     5
Opening Day Gross     4
Single Day Gross     4
Single Day Friday Gross     4
Single Day Saturday Gross     9
Theater Averages (Wide Releases) - All Time     7
Theater Averages - Wide Opening Weekends     7
Opening Weekends     6
Top 3-Day Grosses     6
Rated PG-13, Opening Weekends     6
Fastest to $100 million     6
Fastest to $150 million     6
Single Day Friday Gross Adjusted     8
Opening Weekends Adjusted - March     1
Opening Weekends Adjusted - Spring     1

Which is all nice, but the pre-sales did help it get there. But despite that disclaimer, folks are still chiming in with a 7+ in user scores on various sites.


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I myself am wondering if folks at Forbes and the professional critics out there aren't the ones scaring off potential movie-goers?

As it stands right now, we'll have to see how word-of-mouth works to help the film sustain some kind of momentum or if it does drop off, what is going to come of the entire DC plan at Warner Bros.?

It was tough enough for DC/WB to get this entire Justice League movie world off the ground. They had one delay after another over the last few years, but they finally committed. Even if it did mean they want more drama and minimal humor.

So what happens now?

Does Zack Snyder start getting a studio babysitter to make sure his visions are tempered with the end-goal in mind for DC/WB?

As it is, we've not seen too much banter about the Justice League movie, even though it has been slated to start filming in about a month, we're not seeing casting alerts in the media for it.  I mean we heard about some cast members for BvS three to four months before they started filming.

Be it as it may, I have to wonder who pissed off the world of professional critics?

And for now, I guess we wait and see how things pan out for 

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