BATMAN v SUPERMAN: What WAS Wrong With It???

OK, so I gave Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice a succinct and mildly glowing review here on Cinema Static. And I did that because despite multiple plot holes and issues, it was just damn fun to see this idea of Snyder's plop down on the screen and actually make the film's two and half hour run-time seem not so long. And I forced myself to ignore the obvious holes in the spaghetti strainer of a story.

And yes, as a fan watching his comic book heroes come to life, fulfilling a mythological duel, it was heaven!

And no, really, it did not feel that long and that's one of my criteria for rating it as I did.

But if you want to be a bisnitchy person and hack at all the little details and flaws of the film, BvS definitely makes it easy to do that.

And with that in mind,


Big, Bat-Spoilers. Period.

- - - - -

One of the biggest plot points in the film is how Lex Luthor tricked both Batman and Superman into fighting. With Batman totally zoned in on how Superman helped destroy the city in his fight with Zod, Bruce becomes totally obsessed with the idea if he can destroy the city any time he wants, and has that ability to do so, well, he has to be taken down. Period.

There were various points in the film that belied the fact that in the comics, Batman is on par with Sherlock Holmes when it comes to doing the detective work.  But in the film, he was totally foiled by too many aspects of Luthor's plan, and had hallucinatory dreams about the future where Superman is evil.

I see in the movie that the world is split on how to revere or fear Superman. He's got god-like powers and he seems to go out of the way to do good, even to the point of doing little hero deeds.

(Though my suspicion is that DC is playing catchup to Marvel, and got their film out first about how parts of society don't want to trust superheroes.)

Part of the dischord with Superman was some event that takes place in Africa, where he shows up to save Lois from being killed. There was all kinds of subterfuge going on by human military groups to get at the bad guy in this scene, but for some reason, Superman showing up to save Lois made all the death blamable on him. Though we never saw him kill anyone.

They tried to explain away why Princess Diana was in town, but who cares. She was background noise until she stepped up and showed she was just about as strong as Superman.

So exactly how is it that without zero effort, is Lex able to take over the Kryptonian ship?

I saw this bit in an online piece, and basically, they ask, how is it that Clark Kent and Lois Lane love each other.  WITHOUT using any information gleaned from the comics.

So here's the thing...

I don't get why Superman just gets outside of any reach of this mortal, and not just heat vision him into nothing. Game over. Shortest movie ever, like when Bambi meets Godzilla.

Nor, after all the intensity of hating Superman and biting the speciest bullet, how Batman instantly goes from wanting to kill Superman to suddenly becoming dependable friends?

Sure, I bet there's a ton of material on the editorial cutting floor that could have explained some or all of these points.

But Snyder needed to leave room for all his stylistic dream sequences that never happened in the story, but helped contribute to the marketing ploys.

- - -

So there's all that, but when all was said and done, I went to enjoy seeing comic book heroes brought to life and to see the new Batman and that's that. I plugged the plot holes with the gullible glue presented to me from the story, filling in the blanks with assumptions, considering I knew enough about all the source material to do that.

And it seems most comic fans are making the film just enough of a success to not have WB dump on it.

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