THE TICK, BADLANDS, Renewals, Cuts and Other Things

The Tick, coming to Amazon

There's some great news for fans of Ben Edlund's THE TICK! Plus good stuff about Into The  BADLANDS, Renewals and Other Things Cool, like a few premiere reminders...


AMC renewed Into The Badlands for another season.

USA is letting Royal Pains end its run, with the upcoming eighth season being its last. Boo.

Travel Channel has renewed Bizzarre Foods for a fourth yummy season.

TV Land renewed Teachers

Who Do You Think You Are? will premiere is newest season on April 3rd.

Wayward Pines season two will start up on May 25th.

As a quick recap, here's a list of shows that ABC has announced renewals for:

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,
America’s Funniest Home Videos,
Dancing with the Stars,
Fresh off the Boat,
Grey’s Anatomy,
How to Get Away with Murder,
Modern Family,
Once Upon a Time,
Shark Tank,
The Bachelor,
The Goldbergs,
The Middle

April 4th will see the reboot premiere of...  The Powerpuff Girls on Cartoon Network. (Since they lost their Star Wars animated programming, the CN has been working at revamping several notable projects of theirs. This apparently being one of them.)

While MTV's new season of Scream will be starting on May 31st.


There will be a new show from CBS in the summer called Braindead, a show about a girl (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) getting her first job in Washington DC, only to discover that aliens have eaten the brains of Congressmen and other political figures.

Marketed as a comedy, it sounds more like it could be a documentary!!!


Oh, and Amazon has ordered a pilot episode for everyone's favorite mentally disordered super hero, The Tick!!! Yes, they're taking one more shot at making The Tick a live-action show, and where no network as the balls to tread, Amazon does!

Now admittedly, a network did try a live-action series before, but they did not translate the comic book very well at all. It sucked to the degree that even I could not take it... But in this day and age, when comics are being done properly for TV and movies, well, let's see if there's enough Tick fans to make it a series on Amazon!

"Tick, can you destroy the Earth?"
"Egad man, I hope note. That's where I keep all my stuff!!!"

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