VOLTRON on Netflix, THE TICK on Amazon, The FLASH on SUPERGIRL

In case you had not heard, Voltron is coming to Netflix, in a production that joins Netflix and DreamworksTV in a collaborative effort. So yes, Voltron returns in an all new adventure.

Netflix just released the first trailer for the series. And to be honest, it seems to be the same old Voltron, rehashed for 2016.

But hey, for fans of the franchise, anything is a good thing, right?

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChXy1Qtv9TE )

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Juust in case you had not heard, The Tick is coming to Amazon in a new live-action series.

And cast as The Tick is Peter Serafinowicz.

Other cast characters includes Arthur (Griffin Newman) and Arthur’s sister Dot (Valorie Curry).

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It finally happened... we got a crossover episode of The CW's Flash with CBSs Supergirl.

I know many fans were looking forward to it, and it was cool to see. But what was that?

So in what I presume to be some legal wrangling, they had the Flash land in Kara's alternate universe. And they made him pretty cheery.

I liked seeing this, but putting these two characters in alternate universes seemed like a cop-out of sorts. With them being in alternate universes, it seems that they've precluded any kind of easy visits between characters, or more specifically, they seem to have put the hammer down on the chances of Supergirl visiting The Flash anytime soon on The CW.

Though, you had to get a kick out of Cat Grant's mention of The CW in the episode.

Anyway, my take? Cool to see, and producers responded to fans wishes, but put a limit or cap on other opportunities. Wish they would have left it more open to cross pollinate the shows.

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