NETFLIX Rates Changing in May

NETFLIX Rates Changing

A while back Netflix had introduced some new fees for new customers while leaving the older, established customers, referred to as grandfathered customers, alone.

But that is about to change gang.

Those grandfathered customers, who represent approximately 37% of Netflix's customer base, will be seeing a rate change, come May.

Our grandfathered rate of $7.99 a month will be going up in May to $9.99 per month.


To be honest, it's no surprise these rates are now going up considering how much original content they are producing these days.

The only thing I'd love to see change from Netflix is that they match Amazon's option to be able to download content for offline viewing. If they did that, it would be pretty awesome.

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Oh, PS: A recent study says that 80% of their clients don't realize a rate hike is coming... so spread the news!

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  1. $9.99 is still a total steal for Netflix. They could probably charge $19.99 and get away with it. I mean heck just go and read some Netflix reviews; they're overwhelmingly positive. Everyone loves Netflix!


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