The series premiere of Wynonna Earp on Syfy has come and gone and to be honest, it felt a bit lackluster to me.

The series is based on an IDW comic of the same name. The basic premise being that the family and decendants of Wyatt Earp are cursed, and that when every family member turns 27, demons and monsters come busting on to the scene in the town of Purgatory.

It's up to each descendant to put them down using the mystical gun that Wyatt Earp had used to kill demons with, THe peacekeeper.

- - -

One of my rules or observations about a new show is that if it tries to shove a ton of characters and stories down your throat in the first episode, there's a good chance that a desperation of writing is at work, in the practice of throwing everything into the bucket, hoping something will catch your "eye."

The tone felt sullen, the action a bit uninteresting, and after throwing in many plots and characters, we also got the teasing prerequisites of sexy moments and scenes, the classic heavy drinker, and gory shock moments that don't quite pan out.

Don't pan out, meaning, if you were to get your tongue torn out of your head, you would think you'd scream and fight or something and not just stand there, staring defiantly at the guy yanking your taste tester out of your pie hole.

Then there's the handgun whose barrel is nearly as long as your arm. Or the fight scenes that seem a wee bit short on depth, but deep in fanciful. And the gun so far, never seems to miss. (So far)

- - -

The acting isn't too flat, but the show pulls in a lot of tropes. Or that it felt like it was pulling a lot of material in from lots of sources, to compile this sci-fi, fantasy western series.

The story did not pull me in enough to add it to my DVR.  I might tune in now and again, but my DVR recording schedule is full enough that I will let this one pass, for now. Besides, I already watch The CW's Supernatural.

- - -

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