AGENTS OF SHIELD Season Finale, The Muffled Shock And Brilliant Performances

The season finale of Agents of SHIELD on ABC finally got here, and we were finally delivered that promise of a main character's death, all the while, following who ever the hell was holding the crucifix pendant all season.

To be be honest, setting it up so that the crucifix pendant was a harbinger of death could almost be construed as someone at ABC taking a shot at religion, but we won't go there. Will we? But all season long, that damn pendant kept changing hands and it even changed more hands during those final two hours of the season.

But as far as an episode goes, Hive is looking more and more like The Matrix and sadly, I like the look. Bastard. But Hive is giving SHIELD a run for their money until they come up with a plan to scramble his plans. Literally.

But now Hive has the Primitives also running around doing is dirty work and it's not a perfect world for SHIELD.

First Hive gets the upper hand, then SHIELD, then Hive, then... well, it is like a ping pong game going back and forth.

All the while that damn pendant keeps changing hands! Argh! Like it's a hot potato.

And I also have in the back of my mind about how the bloody hell will a Quinject get up into space?

When all was said and done, Chloe Bennett truly put in a great performance as Daisy, and the rest of the team did not let her down.

But that final scene in the Quinjet was something...  all concerns put aside, as the end is inevitable and one just has to accept it.






For me, the surprise came from John Hannah's character, Holden Radcliffe. He popped up in a surprising way and there were moments he was actually funny, despite who he was working for. Or forced to.

That scene in the Quinjet, when all was lost, but they decided to quit fighting and absorb the moment, was so sublime. It was like, what's the point?

Coulson was ready to do whatever to end this travesty that he started.

FitzSimmons had a hell of a year, ranging from distant struggles to finally ending up being a couple. (You know that can't end well somewhere.)

I think Mack and Yo-Yo are perfect for each other.

And Daisy? I don't know where she's headed, but it could be either way. At least it was cool to see a new power, or capability, out of her at the end. But she's paying her own price, since she could not sacrifice herself in the end.

Will the Secret Warriors go away, now that Daisy is on the run from SHIELD? (You'll see).

And Dr. Radcliffe rebooted the old LMD technology into something else. Uh ho. Could this be our new problem next season?

We'll see!

I enjoyed the reference to events in Captain America: Civil War, and would love to see the favor returned. Yea, yea, Marvel Studios says there's no ill will, and gives out the excuse about timing and coordination. NOTHING is impossible it it's obvious there's some kind of distance between TV and movies.

Regardless, it's good to see Agents of SHIELD back on track and being more entertaining than that first half of their first season.

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