CASTLE Series Finale, An Emotional Disappointment

The final episode of Castle came amidst an entire bunch of fan confusion.

First we hear Beckett won't be on the show next year. Then we heard that it was possible that the show would be renewed. Then a few weeks before this finale, we first heard a few contracts were renewed and then later that same day we heard that the show had been cut by ABC, so this episode is what we got.

The week before the preview was incorrect. It showed people crying and that there was a loss, and yet, throughout this entire episode, things kept happening that made us worry, but for naught, because the scenes of all the crying characters never took place. WTF?

Then ABC could barely put any marketing into this being the series finale. It was the usual hour. But then again, an hour of old crap that they flung at a keyboard.

The series finale of Castle went back to the old, tried and stale story of Beckett's evil nemesis, Locksat.

Now to be honest, the Locksat forces told Beckett some time ago that if she did not back off, they would kill her and everyone she knew. And yet the idiot kept coming, putting everyone at risk.

But that's how we roll with mailed in story lines.

And so the series finale had some action, a little bit of suspense and a bit of drama while very typical situations took place, so there were no surprises and ABC took the easy way out.

Easy and mostly unsatisfying. Unless you like hurried up, mailed in happy endings. But no crying by anyone like the previews promised.

Talk about not giving a shit about the fans. And that's how Castle went out.

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