HBO Renewals, Travel Channel Premiere, CBS, Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus new show...

In case you had not heard, HBO has renewed Game of Thrones, Veep and Silicon Valley.

WGN Renewed Underground for a second season.


Travel Channel will be premiering a new series called Hello Goodbye, on Monday, May 9th.  In this new show, it will follow everyday people as they arrive and depart from some of America’s largest airports.

It will be Produced by Ellen DeGeneres’ A Very Good Production.


CBS is airing a new I Love Lucy special, slated for Sunday, May 22nd at 8pm.  These will be colorized episodes from the October 3rd and 10th, 1955 airings, which represent the first time two half-hour episodes were strung together on TV to tell a single tale.  So to speak.


Production began on AMC's second season of Humans.


I don't know about you, but Kelly Ripa lost a beat of respect from me when she threw that tantrum when she did not show up to work for "Live," when she found out that Michael Strahan is moving on to Good Morning America.

Sure, the way she found out her co-host was one-upping her and moving on was pretty shitty. That's nothing but a total lack of communication within the network's management system. But still, she could have stiffened her spine and shown up.

As it is, I'm not sure I'm seeing things, but she might sound cheery and smiling on the outside, but her eyes seem to say something different, like she's mailing it in and forcing herself to appear like her normal self.

It seems most industry experts are surmising that with Michael leaving, Live is in trouble. Because if it wasn't, and it was a valuable commodity, would they not have probably said something to Kelly first so she was on board? Or is the show doomed and it does not matter what she feels?

We'll see.



Ride with Norman Reedus will premiere on Sunday, June 12th at 10 p.m. ET.

And before you go off saying this is proof that he was killed off in the season finale of The Walking Dead, keep this in mind: Norman has done other movies and things throughout his entire run on TWD on AMC. Meaning this is nothing new. But I'm sure AMC is going to love the drama this digs up, as people bite for this bait!


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