Marvel Just F*d Up Captain America in The Comics

Well, I don't know about you, but if Marvel intends to more closely tie-in actual comic story lines with their cinematic universe, they just effed it up for me with Captain America in their newest comic title, ""Captain America: Steve Rogers" #1"

I just started truly getting on board with liking Captain America/Steve Rogers in the movies after being totally 'meh' about the character in the comics. But today headlines are splattering all over the internet that shows Captain America turning out to actually being a Hydra Agent, after all is said and done.

W.T.F. Marvel? Just what the f.?

To explain this new twist and attempt to keep things fresh, they've referenced how back in the day when Rogers was a child, his mother was abused by his father, and someone from Hydra stepped up and saved his mother from his father. Which means that all along, Rogers has been a Hydra fan/agent. (In my eyes)

If this is truly the case, I'm going to start wondering and worrying when or if this will come out in the movies? And if it doesn't, why is this story line kicking in gear in print?

I just got totally on board with being a Cap fan and now this.  Thanks Marvel. Thanks a bunch. I hope this is some short, alternate quirk of a story line. But from what little I'm seeing so far, it may not be.

There's more info on the issue and event over on CBR.

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  1. So is this better or worse than the whole thing where some people want him to be gay?

    Its like they are doing anything for shock value.

    1. It's a good question Borg...
      Some say what a fantastic twist on an old thematic character.
      Others are saying they feel betrayed after all this time.
      And the folks calling for Rogers to be gay, in my opinion, is just a small group of people stretching their voices out over the internet and it's getting a little bit of coverage.

      But like you say, anything for shock value.
      I just truly hope this does not find its way into the movies. It was bad enough when they changed up the Mandarin to a 2-bit actor... this feels like more of the same, but worse or less.


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