Stupid Lawsuits - STAR TREK's Klingon Language

To boldly go where no man has spoken before!!!

Here's a new spin on the stupidity of stupid lawsuits.  Paramount is getting "sued" by a 'language society' so they can't copyright or claim ownership over the fictional language, Klingon, which is spoken in the fictional, made up world of Star Trek.

Correction on the "sued" part:  "we’re not suing Paramount. Paramount sued Axanar, w/ lots of © claims, incl to Klingon. We filed amicus on that. "

Amicus meaning here at legal dictionary.

So while the fans of Star Trek have taken a specific piece of the franchise and ran with it, like many fans do with many franchises, this language society is hoping to point Paramount in the right direction about owning this fictional language.

Paramount has tossed out the premise for review that a language is useful for communicating with a type of people or persons. And they point out that Klingons do not exist.

Yet while that is true, we also have the tiny fact that there are almost 300,000 Klingon Dictionaries in the world that have been sold, there are courses offered that can get you a certificate in the mastering of Klingon, and even Microsoft's search engine, Bing, supports the fan base with an English-to-Klingon translation function.

The language society has pointed out that no court has ever had to rule on language ownership, while quoting or framing specifics from the U.S. Constitution and song lyrics from Sesame Street. Or something like that. I'm stretching my brain to wrap it around this thing.

Of course the folks jumping on board this legal action could just ruin it for everyone if the judge presiding over this stupid-ass act decides that Paramount does own the Klingon language (That they created) and that everyone else is infringing on their territory.

Wow, and here I thought lawsuits over hot coffee and cruise control on automobiles were stupid. This attention to this subject matter is taking it to an entirely new level.

The link below can spell it all out for you better than I can. But you better sit down, with your cool coffee, and parked car, before reading.

hollywoodreporter: star-trek-lawsuit-debate-klingon

And the link early on will describe what an amicus filing is.
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