SUPERGIRL Gets Renewed, Moves To The CW, AGENT CARTER Axed, And More

SUPERGIRL Gets Renewed For a Second Season, but...
People were wondering what was going to happen to Supergirl on CBS? Word on the street was that the show was on a bubble and renewal was up in the air. But then earlier reports were saying that the show might also move to The CW.

The other questions folks had was if the show was a fit for CBS. At least they network had the balls to try it.  But alas, the show had premiered to 13 million viewers but as the season wore on it was only averaging around 6 million viewers.

Well, Supergirl was renewed for a second season and it is moving to The CW, the sister station of CBS.

For me, the show grew on me despite Supergirl's teen girlie presentation in the front half of the season. Some said it was showing her vulnerability, while I called it annoying.

But I stuck with it and it got better.

Plus, with 6 million viewers, if even a partial number of those viewers follow it to The CW, it should be a massive hit over there, as she joins Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

We'll see.

What has me wondering is if they will stick with Supergirl being in a reality where there is no Flash or Arrow? (If you remember the cross-over they had with The Flash, the premise sort of sucked in how they treated the two worlds.)



Remember how rumors were that Agent Carter was getting cancelled but Hayley Atwell had some kind of new contract with ABC?

Well, Agent Carter got cancelled while ABC picked up a new drama starring Atwell. The new show will be called Conviction. Which if kind of funny, considering what happens to her in Captain America Civil War.


If you're wondering, American Crime and The Catch have been renewed by ABC, while they axed The Muppets show

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