At the beginning of tonight's episode of ABC's The Bachelorette had us hating this Chad guy.

Seriously, Chad had a lot of chitty things to say about almost all the guys in the house.

He was downright crappy about most everyone and was starting to look like this season's bad guy, so to speak.

But as the episode wore on and we got to watch Chad in action, he shared some fascinating perspectives about the cast of the house.

In fact at times, Chad was spot on about how the guys were getting their panties in a bunch.

This was basically your typical alpha-male taking over a situation with a lady. Come on, face it, we've all seen it and many have lost to it.

But this was classic, butt-headed pragmatism stepping in and thinking he is in charge.

It started to get entertaining as he referenced being accosted by the care-bears.

But alas, near the end of the episode we watched Chad devolve to the point of letting the guys get to him and he started making the usual boy-threats.

And I don't think he's going to last that long if it was that easy to get to him.

So let me say it now...  see ya Chad.

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