Tom Hiddleston Looking At JAMES BOND Role

It would seem that super early rumors (that I did not report because I don't trust early guessing/rumors) about the possibility of Tom Hiddleston potentially playing James Bond may not have been for naught.

Word on the street is that Daniel Craig would rather keel over than do another Bond film. (Unsubstantiated rumor) But with that being said, it would seem that the producers of the Bond films are indeed in contact with and chatting up Tom Hiddleston in the hopes of persuading him to take on the role.

The latest news/rumors are that everyone is in advanced talks.

That Hiddleston wants the role.

No offers have been made yet.

Of course there's the other news that Jamie Bell (Fantastic Four) has also been contacted by the Bond studio.

But if Hiddleston took over, I'd go see a James Bond flick in theaters for the first time in many, many years.


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