Suicide Squad's box office take fell 67% from its opening week, as it followed suit on Batman Vs Superman. But the difference for me, being that Suiciide Squad was a real confusing mess, while BvS seemed to make more sense than some said it did.

And considering how it's possible the film won't open in China due to violence issues, well, it's profit margin is looking pretty glum. But then again, the violence in this film isn't too much more over the top than many films out there. The gore is minimal the gun chatter seems on par with this franchise.

Either way, WB/DC has another film issue on their hands.

I have to wonder how many more changes they're going to make before they realize they need to stick to their guns or actually figure out how to get better at what they're trying to do?

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The Toho company has not made a new Godzilla film in a long time. Then Gareth Edwards and Legendary got together and put together the new Godzilla, which will, in turn, go head to head with King Kong in a few years. Literally.

And then there's the licensing for all the other monsters that the studio snatched up.

But be it as it may, Edwards' Godzilla did well enough to keep the franchise going and when it did, it seemed that Toho decided to do another Godzilla movie. This will be their 29th G film and this time, I think they went over the top and screwed the scaly pooch in one way, while reverting to roots in the another.

If you check out the latest film trailer for their Godzilla, you'll see that the big G now has laser beams coming off his spines and tail.

And there's a reason lasers are coming out his ass, I mean tail.


SPOILER: Apparently this version of Godzilla has a second head. Seriously.



Aside from the obvious head smacking new details, they've at least gone to the trouble of pulling the feel of the human's "mascot" from the film and they made G the big, lizard-green threat that he really used to be.

At least they got that part down. Otherwise, I am not interested in this new, suped up lizard. It seems too crazy.

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WHOOP! I see the above version got pulled... here's the official trailer...and if you do a web search for Godzilla's lazers or tail or what not, you'll see what I mean...

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