My POKEMON GO Observations

Oh you pesky game, you Pokemon Go from Niantic! The launch of this game has drawn a monumental about of attention. Even more so for the company behind it, as they played catch up to the demand.

We've recently had the latest update to the game, introducing buddy pocket monsters and the most recent new piece of the game, a piece of hardware that goes along with the game.

What I'm finding interesting is how some of the game flaws I've been experiencing are flaws that seem to be fixed by this piece of hardware.

This hardware is called Pokemon Go Plus.

Once you pair the device with your phone, you can do a few things nearly automatically.

You can press a single button to trigger a poke stop, throws basic Poke balls at monsters that show up, (It only tries once). It tracks steps while accumulating miles, and it's been said that it's more accurate in tracking your miles too.

It will also play the game while your phone/app is in battery saver mode for real, not upside down mode that still burns through your battery.

It's pitched as the perfect compliment for the casual player. Which is most of us. Isn't it? But what's irked me is how this device is curious how that works out. Isn't it?

For me, I'm having a curious time with my app.

-At times, even plugged in, this is the only app I have that still burns through the battery. Albeit slowly, but still...

-Once I got over level 21 or so, it's becoming more and more brutal trying to catch mons. I mean, sure, I don't expect an easy ride but sometimes, it seems that the escape rate for mons has gone way up.

-I seem to be hitting poke balls out of the park on my first shot, like baseball's Hank Aaron, of late. Which is weird for me. I don't miss that bad!


The smaller or simpler mons are getting more wily in escaping...

75 CP Pidgey's getting away after 6 Poke balls.
120 CP worm breaks out after 3 Ultra balls.
300 CP Pikachu breaks away after 4 poke, 3 great, 2 ultras and as many Razz Berries.
And in one experiment, I ended up lobbing all my poke balls, about 25 in all, about a dozen Razz berries at a 800 CP mon.  Who ended up getting away.

OH, and yes, I can nail excellent, great and nice shots all the time.

Razz berries seem to piss them off more than leaving it alone.

They go into defensive moves as late as when the ball is pretty much right there, before hitting them in the face.


But let's look at mileage and hatching eggs.

Let's remember that...

2 km is  1.24 mi.
5 km is 3.11 mi
10 km is 6.21 mi.

And I've been venting on Twitter about a few Pokemon Go whoas.

I've registered various distances and ranges over the last few weeks... some before and after the latest update.

3 miles - 1.1km recorded.
9 mi., - 4.3km,
3 mi., - .9km,
4 mi., - 1.4km,

Or as I called it today on Twitter, Niantic math 3.5 = .8km. Or, I rode a slow bike for 17 miles to accumulate 10km.

Yep, I'm definitely getting my exercise Niantic. Thanks.

Oh, and my other distance recording apps are working just fine.

- - -

At this point, I'm no longer trying too hard to nab mons. I figure if I can't catch a pocket monster in 3 or 4 shots, I'm gone.

I don't try to go out for extra walking if I have to walk twice the distance. (I also suspect it's my phone that's part of the issues, despite my other apps tracking distance accurately.) I quit trying to play the hot battery game. I'm just getting kind of done.

I also find it extremely coincidental that the new addon device solves a few of these issues. I mean what's up with these huge distance discrepancies I'm experiencing with just the app on my phone?

I'm sure it's just coincidental, right?

Bottom line, I'm not truly complaining, but rather, I'm just saying that things have changed as I've achieved higher levels and peculiar things are happening for me. If I had paid for this game, I'd be out of here, getting a refund. But as it stands now, it's just a distraction with some distractions.

At the rate I'm going, I will probably tire of the game faster than I expected. But who knows. I may keep sticking it out if they keep improving the game fast enough.

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