New Legal & Vampire Shows, A Few More Cancellations

Did you know...

Hot off the success of the FX series, The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, word on the street is that Marcia Clark will be co-writing a legal-themed series for NBC. It will be based off her novel, titled Blood Defense.

We'll probably be seeing it premiere some time in 2017. There is no name for the series yet.

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TNT is ordering a vampire series based off the book, Let the Right One In. If you remember, a few movies have been made based on this book, the latest, a 2010 film titled Let Me In, starring Chloe Grace Moretz, & Elias Koteas.

The basic story is about a young boy who is picked up pretty badly by his classmates but he finds solace in a new friend who turns out to be a female vampire.

As the vampire moves into his town with her caretaker, things start to happen in the town that attracts the cops.

I remember the film and it was an interesting tale for sure. I guess it could work in a TV series, if done right.

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As you have heard, Grimms upcoming sixth season will be its last season, as NBC has cancelled it.

Stake through the heart of the show!

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If you've been watching Pretty Little Liars on Freeform, brace yourselves. The present season is its last. Sorry gang.

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