Once Legendary's Godzilla did well enough worldwide, the original Godzilla rights holder, Toho, saw this, they decided to take another swing at the monster on film.

And now it's coming to the U.S., after its theatrical run over in Japan.

Shin Gozilla (Or Godzilla Resurgance) is set to open in over 400 theaters here in the U.S., during the week of October 11th to 19th, with tickets going on sale on September 9th.


I've seen various previews of their new version of Godzilla and I'm not all that enthused about it.


Potential spoilers follow if you have not seen any previews:




Godzilla's atomic breath has been upgraded. Now he shoots beams off his back ridges and if I read or heard right, the tip of his tail is another head which has its own atomic breath.

No, seriously, that's how flipped out they've gotten with the character.

Watch this trailer, among all the exasperated faces, at around the 15-second mark, take a close look at his tail tip!

(In case you're wondering about all the dramatic poses, I'm guessing since Legendary's Godzilla only had the big monster in their movie for an entire 11 minutes of screen time, I guess they could so something similar with their trailer.

I've seen some call this new power a Power Ranges monster move.)


As far as I'm concerned, I'll wait until it hits my TV from some cable outlet before I drop money on this hokey pokey in the theater...   



The  below set of clips is of the atomic breath mutations... I presume seeing this will take the big reveal out of the movie experience

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