So it seems that Disney has plans to release a Star Wars film every year up until about 2020 or something like that. But what you may not know (yet), is that Turner networks has dropped some big bucks and has licensed  the Star Wars franchise from Disney.

Now, TNT and TBS has the exclusive rights to air Star Wars movies on linear basic cable and ad-supported on-demand.

This agreement will include ten of the films, which will include five of the six of the original films, The Force Awakens, Rogue One and the next three films beyond that.

Then, because of an agreement that Turner has with 20th Century Fox, they have the basic cable rights to Star Wars: A New Hope.

This means that all Star Wars, all the time, on TNT and TBS.

This is why you're in the middle of the Star Wars kind of marathon, a film a night, on TNT. Then in December, TNT will be airing the films, in time for Disney's release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

They must have dropped a pretty penny for this agreement! Disney ain't a cheap date!

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CBS has delayed the release of Star Trek: Discovery to now be in May, 2017.

It was going to premiere in January, but the executive producers asked for a delay to create an optimum level of quality for the show.

Wow... I don't believe I've ever seen a good show that gets delayed because it needs to be made better.

They have big, expectant shoes to fill with this franchise. They need to go somewhere new and refreshing to catch viewers attention.

We will see!

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