VAN HELSING on SYFY, A Quickie Review

After watching the first hour of Syfy's new supernaturally-based series, Van Helsing, so far, I'm not sold. At all. At least after the first episode.

Our lead character, Ms Van Helsing (Kelly Overton), went into a coma, and wakes up in a world overrun by vampires. Her comatose form was being protected in what seems to be the last bastion of a small splinter of humanity.

But as this last outpost is a well-secured facility, the man guarding it seems to let in a bunch of people and they all seem to want back out and hate him.

Or at least don't trust the guy that just saved their lives from a pack of vampires.


The acting felt iffy, and it seems that despite knowing how to kill vampires, each death took a whole bunch of kill hits. And there is a lot of injected, fake, classic-Syfy, flying blood gore.

The first hour of the show left me wanting so much more that I am not sure I am going back to this series. I had been hopeful, but not sure it was for this. But the second hour slowed down the over-acting a bit and started showing us events from before the vampire siege on humanity.

Other reviews out there think this show had a slow start and it will be building up the content this is based off of, the Van Helsing comic book series published by Zenescope Entertainment.

I'll let my DVR collect the show for a bit and give it another go at it, maybe. But for now, I'm on the fence and leaning at getting off in the wrong direction.

If you aren't sure about my take, maybe the 5.7/10 rating on IMDb might back up my stance for now.

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