Today is nothing but good news and things, like new shows being based off of old shows, renewals, and some shows getting ordered to series...  check it out below...

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An Alfred Hitchcock anthology series being developed by NBCUniversal. Yes, NBCU signed a development deal with the Hitchcock estate to "re-imagine" the classic Alfred Hitchcock Presents show into an anthology show, where each season will focus on one mystery or crime.

American Crime will be getting a new cast member in the form of Sandra Oh.  Oh boy.

American Horror Story (AHS) already got itself a renewal for its seventh season.

Designated Survivor has been ordered to a full season by ABC.

High Maintenance was renewed for a second season by HBO.

Iron Fist will premiere on Netflix in March of 2017!

{ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lYcmsfrI-U }

Luke Cage premiered on Netflix last week... and the streaming service went down for two hours while Luke Cage fans piled on in to watch it!  Way to go Marvel!!!

Speechless was ordered to a full season of episodes by ABC.

The Strain has been renewed for a fourth season. But prepare yourselves, as this will be its final season. And if you read the books, well, you have to wonder if they'll end it on the same note that they did there. (NO SPOILERS, just thinking out-loud.)

The Tick has been ordered to full series by Amazon. Apparently enough people "tuned in" to warrant a full season. How most excellent!

The Walking Dead season 7 premiere will arrive on October 23rd.  It's then that we will tune in to see who Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) beats to death with his bat, Lucille. (I am so not looking forward to seeing who he kills, and the marketing hype is suggesting that fans will be pretty upset. But which fans?)

This is Us: If you like this Parenthood-like show, be happy! The ratings have warranted that NBC order a full season of episodes! But with NBC, instead of 22, a "full season," in this case, is 18 eps.

You're The Worst was renewed by FXX for a fourth season.

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