The Walking Dead, who Negan kills in Season Seven premiere

The headlines are saying that Hayley Atwell is returning to the role of Agent Carter. But with the live-action version cut from existence, what could they possibly mean?

What they mean is that Atwell will be voicing the character of Agent Carter in a new, animated version, in the fourth season of Disney XD's Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars.


Ash vs Evil Dead was renewed by Starz for a third season!


The Batman solo film coming from Ben Affleck now has a title... it's called The Batman. Of course the title announcement came with the disclaimer that it could change between now and the film release, but for now, they've given it something we can grab on to.


No Spoilers, just guesses and warnings.

The Walking Dead: Just so you know, and to reaffirm what's been said, the exec producers of The Walking Dead said they will NOT be drawing out who Negan kills into some multi-episode teaser, like the bullshit they did with Glenn last year. Nope. We'll know by the end of the first episode.

Though, if you have been keeping up with the headlines and news about the upcoming seventh season premiere, I think they gave away who bites it. I won't say anything here because I won't be the one who spoils it for you. But who I think who Negan kills (Section at the bottom titled my hopeful idea) makes perfect sense. And I have mentioned it before, in passing, as a guess. (And it's technically still a guess at this point!)

This latest preview clip released released for NYCC, seems to point to some things, so watch if you want, do your research or SKIP to be properly traumatized by the premiere episode. I'm not even going to embed it because the preview still might give it all away already.

Or, they're mucking with our heads.


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