Is HAWAII FIVE-0 Ending With Season Seven?

Is HAWAII FIVE-0 Ending With Season Seven?

What the hell is up with the production standards of Hawaii Five-0? I just binge watched last season (six) and the front part of this season (seven) and to be honest, if feels like something has run afoul in the production department.

First let's address the elephant in the room: Alex O'Loughlin, it's been said, will be exiting the show at the end of the eighth season. Apparently he does his own stunts and his body is taking a beating. He needs time to recuperate.  Yet if you look carefully at some of the stunts, you can see it's a stunt double much of the time. So I'm not sure what that banter is about.

But at the moment, I have to ask if the show will even make it to the eighth season?

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It all started in the latter part of the sixth season that I was binge watching. In particular, the episode where a circus elephant runs rampant through town after escaping.

They obviously opted to not use a live elephant, and instead, used what look like the same CGI graphics software that Syfy/The Asylum do when they make their cheap creature features. To be honest, they would have been better off just alluding to an elephant and not using one.

But after that, I started watching with more of a critical eye and there are things that are just starting to stand out to me that seem to be reeking of cheap production values.

I swear that of late, some of the car chase scenes also use tragic CGI effects, gun fire and other other effects also seem to be off-queue.

And the 'old married couple' banter between McGarrett and Dano is seriously getting extremely old. Sure, it was cute in the beginning, but the non-stop banter is like watching a married couple who hate each other rip into each other.

Then in the season seven premiere, that CGI staged appearance by the late Jack Lord was horrible. HORRIBLE! If you can't do it halfway right, don't do it all.


For me, aside from the obvious, the stories seem to be more about getting a ton of action pumped out and not a lot of content. This is what happens when you binge watch something, the flaws tend to stick out. And the flimsy stories they've been producing so far, aren't filling the gap like they used to. In one episode, a gang war is launched at the Five-0 team so that most of the episode is gun-play. Then there was the episode with the spy acting like a criminal then being a good guy, then ...  after the opening act, all they did is chase bad guys, shoot bad guys, get bad guys, repeat. Until the episode was over.


But with all the marketing and interviews pitching that H50's seventh season is all about legacy, well, how can you now help but wonder? Why are they pitching the theme of legacy? Is the show coming to a close, or preparing to, after the end of season seven? I've seen shows get shoveled into the back burner and given leaner production values when someone in the back office knows something that's not good, about the future of the show. I'm hoping this is not that.

Then I have to wonder if the split up of show creators Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci has anything to do with it? I know it was way back in late 2014, they split up their writing partnership, each taking a piece of their industry with them. Orci is focusing on Star Trek films while Kurtzman is focused on the Spider-Man and Venom films. But sometimes business decisions and their impacts take some time to trickle down.

Oops, did I just say that? Venom film. Yep, I just did.

I guess I'll end this here, wondering.

Right now, I would not be surprised if H50 comes to a close at the end of this season. And to be honest, it might be a good thing. The only reason I say that is that sometimes, I think O'Loughlin's talents are being wasted on a police procedural. If you have ever seen him in anything else, you would know this guy has some serious talent in front of the camera. But you wouldn't know it while watching this show.

I the meantime, let's enjoy what we have and hope the quality picks up to the standard that fans fell in love with in the first few seasons.

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