It was announced this week that Murder in the First has been cancelled by TNT, meaning that the season finale we caught on September 4th, has now become it's series finale.

The series, starring Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson, was one of my household's favorite shows. I loved how each season tackled a single crime, wrapping it up like it should be wrapped, by the season finale.

But hearing that TNT cancelled it kind of bummed me out, because the underlying story that kept me riveted was what our two main characters were going to do about their love/work relationship.

They had to break up to continue working their jobs because neither one wanted to abandon the career they both loved. But as the season was ending, it seemed like they might have slowly started to lose the fight about staying apart.  But nothing was clear. I was hoping.

I guess that won't get resolved.


Plus, that ahole defense attorney skated with his hit-and-run, and I was really looking forward to him getting his boat load of karma in the next season.

I guess that's not going to happen either.


Oh well. I thought this show was a smart cop procedural with a great underlying story, but alas, it matters not.

Fans can only hope that maybe another network somewhere might pick it up if there's enough interest for another network.


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