Here's a bit of quick TV news bites... for those of you without a ton of time to read filler banter, but want to know what's going on. (Crap... that was filler banter, wasn't it?)

Christopher Lloyd is joining the cast of Syfy's 12 Monkeys in its third season. It will be crazy to see Lloyd play a "deadly cult leader."

FX renewed American Crime Story for a third season. (No, the second season had not aired yet. It's due out in 2017, so this third season thing can still be cut off at the knees of for someone reason no one tunes into the second season of the show.)

America's Next Top Model will be premiering in its new network, VH1, on Monday, December 12th. (I know, it's like the in-laws that just won't leave!)

CBS has ordered a new game show, Candy Crush, based on the mobile app game.

Guilt was cancelled by Freeform. There will be no second season of the show.

The Loud House was given a go for a third season on Nickelodeon.

Salvation is a new series from Alex Kurtzman, coming to CBS for the 2017 summer TV season. The show is about an MIT grad student and a techie who tell a low-level Pentagon official that an asteroid is going to hit the Earth in six months.

Gwen Stafani will be returning to The Voice in the next season or "the spring edition" of the show. She'll be taking her seat back from Miley Cyrus. Miley will pop back in after the next season.

Freeform Renewed Young & Hungry for a fifth season.


Dale Earnhardt Jr., who is out of the 88 car due to concussion symptoms still resonating inside his skull from a crash a few months ago, will be in the broadcast booth for the upcoming Martinsville NASCAR Sprint Cup race.

Ridley Scott, it's reported, is developing a legal drama for CBS. (Hmm, no Aliens in this, right?)

Carol Burnett returns to TV to star in a yet to be named sitcom over on ABC

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Sundance TV announced that they will be bringing classic TV shows back, running weekday blocks of old, classic and popular shows such as

All in the Family,
The Andy Griffith Show, &
The Bob Newhart Show.

What Sundance is planning to do is run all day marathon-like blocks of each show on specific days. For example, MASH will air on Mondays, All in the Family on Tuesdays, Bob Newhart on Wednesdays, Mary Tyler Moore on Thursdays and Andy Griffith on Fridays.

On Amazon: MASH Products.

But they will be kicking off their programming with a 48-hour TV marathon of MASH, starting on November 6th.

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