So I decided to go ahead and check out Syfy's Shadows of the Dead that aired this last weekend.

The cast included Kennedy Tucker, Lisa Cole (Detective Force), Lindsay Elston, James Gaisford, Brian Maierhofer (Love & Other Ingredients). It was directed by John Ross, which it looks like this might be his first real directorial gig.

With that said, my quick take on the film is that the story is a great story, done well, but it takes way too long to tell the tale and the music chosen to create the ambience just kept droning on and on in an attempt to create a somber feeling to the story. (I presume)

The story is about a shadow monster needing to kill people who end up getting marked for death by it, and as the film goes on, you can see it hunt its victims down and finding them, no matter what they do.

If you back up and look at the overall theme of the film, you can see and feel this "Final Destination" vibe. But Ross takes way too long to tell the tale.

This was a two-hour TV movie and if it had been trimmed down to 90-minutes, I think it would have been much better.

All in all, It's an OK movie with a fun story and monster behind it all.

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