SUPERGIRL on CW, A Perspective

Well, Supergirl completed the move from CBS to The CW, and we got a decent taste of what is to come in the upcoming season. We got our taste of Superman, Cat Grant, Supergirl and the rest of the gang.

As the show was moving to The CW, we had expectations and promises. We "knew" that Calista Flockhart was going to move with the show to its new production location and what not.

But some things were, shall we say, temporary.

We knew that Superman was only going to be around for an episode or two, but when we had heard that Flockhart was coming with the show, we didn't expect it to be for an episode or two. And per sources, they say she's slated to return for a few episodes here and there, but the production team has yet to set any dates for that return, stating how busy she is.  Phfft.

So at the end of the second episode, Kara has a new, hard-edged boss and Cat is leaving town.

Cat was half the soul of the show. I hope her leaving does not ding the series ratings. They did tease a lot of CGI action, which confuses me a bit, considering the series just left the money bag network and hit up the network that has more of a tighter budget.

Well, as the season progresses, we've heard that despite the comics cannon, Jimmy Olsen will be becoming his own superhero. That should boost up the story a bit.

I hope the show keeps up the standards it set back on CBS...

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