The Crooked Man on Syfy, TV Review

Syfy is kicking off their annual 31 Days of Halloween with The Crooked Man. The cast includes Angelique Rivera (American Crime), Cameron Jebo (Power Rangers Megaforce), Michael Jai White, Dina Meyer, Amber Benson & Dmitrious Bistrevsky as The Crooked Man.

While at a slumber party, a bunch of twelve-year-olds tempt fate by looking up an internet meme, whose legend says if you sing its song, you will die. And sure enough, they sing the song and sure enough, one of them dies, and another one of the girls goes to jail for it.

When she gets out of jail and returns home, the entity rekindles the killing spree that it started back at that ill-fated slumber party.

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For a Syfy TV-movie, the feel of this film is not bad. The acting is above Syfy-par, but to be honest, it started out feeling like the Final Destination film franchise. Except in this film, the creature can only attack in the dark. Even when it manufactures its own darkness by making houses or rooms go dark.

All in all, the acting is not horrible, and despite the bland appeal of the promo poster above, the effects of The Crooked Man are fairly creepy good.

The Crooked Man is a good way to start Syfy's 31 Days of Halloween, but of course, the ending of the film was a bit typical and leaves it open for the inevitable sequel. But if you want to kill time watching a TV-movie, it isn't half bad.

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