DEADPOOL 2, Is It On A Troubled Production Path?

DEADPOOL 2 Production Troubles?

I am not sure what the hell is happening over there, but Deadpool 2 seems to be having problems and I'm starting to worry that greed and too high a hope is starting to kick in.

First, Tim Miller, the director behind the first film, has cut ties with the second film's production. But now the composer from the first film, Junkie XL, is exiting the sequel too. So now they need a new composer!

Miller's exit had to do with creative differences with Ryan Reynolds idea on where to take the next film. But they parted on good terms, per sources, because the studio was backing Reynolds and Miller moved on.

But then again, Deadpool became more of a reality when Miller pumped out that test footage that got the world revved up about the film, that Miller got it its R-rating, and supposedly got Reynolds attached to the project too.

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Plus I know it's not a big deal when a composer leaves a film or not, but the fact that he's leaving, on the tail of Miller's feels like there is some auspicious deeds going on behind the scenes. But the composer said that he was not comfortable with the direction the film would be going under a different director and hesitates to work with anyone other than Miller.

On the surface, creative talent exiting like this seems suspicious, but if Reynolds wants to retain the comedic, meta-humor whereas Miller wanted more of a new, stylistic approach, well, the studio wants to back Reynolds and stick with what has worked in the first film.

For now.


Miller made Deadpool into the most successful R-rated superhero drama of all time and one of the most successful dramatic films on record. Whereas Reynolds comedic style has not only killed a few films, but has ruined me for seeing him for anything but near-slapstick comedic hi-jinks kind of character actor.

Can we take a second film with new bad guys but the same style? Probably. But like The Avengers, when the humor was cute the first time, it started to smell stale the second time around. Hopefully they won't get too stale with the Deadpool sequel.

To be honest, I don't think the sequel will be hurt by these latest developments. It's not hard to slap meta-comedic action mode together, couple it with intensely excellent action, with Reynolds as his usual non-serious kind of character actor... and boom! You probably have another hit! Right?

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