Could We Get An Awesome December POKEMON GO Update Or Just More Rumors?

December POKEMON GO Update

POKEMON GO COULD Have 100 New Pocket Monsters, trading and other new options to play with, if rumors are true.

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Sometime in December 2016, we should be getting a Pokemon Go update that will supposedly be delivering over 100 new Pokemon, including Legendary Pokemon, and depending on the rumor, we'll also be finally getting player vs player battle and trading options.

Oh yea, and Mew and Mewto will also finally be making their appearance.

These update rumors come from what developers who have been tinkering through game code, say will be happening because they've seen the additional code.

But Niantic, in their usually silent mode, has had nothing to say or tease us with. In fact any time Niantic has made an announcement, it's usually been after the fact when other sites discover actual updates or goodies. Though on the mildly bright side, Gen 2 Pokemon have been confirmed by Niantic, but just not when.

And these new potential "December updates" were just noticed in the update code that came out a few weeks ago for Thanksgiving, when we also got that Ditto update. (Has anyone seen that elusive purplish, pink beast yet?)

For me, I don't think we'll be seeing anything exciting. Or at least, I won't be holding my breath!

But here's the thing... there have been things in the code for a long time that we haven't seen yet. Plus the new creatures may be in the code, but folks have also made mention that the new creatures don't have any move sets associated with them.

Um, duh?

Though to be honest, what with all the updates that have taken place, they could possibly muster up changing out their Halloween start up splash screen?

Plus Niantic isn't such a huge company that they have droves of programmers ready to implement options that could be costly (on their end) to run.

Now if you give credence to a Starbucks internal communication that was "leaked," we do have some kind of update coming out on December 7th that's related to a new generation. And the experts are saying it could potentially be the gen 2 creatures.

But as always, we'll see when we see it. Right?


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