Is GHOST RIDER Getting A Netflix Series?

Is GHOST RIDER Getting A Netflix Series?

So for anyone watching Agents of SHIELD, you are probably enjoying the Ghost Rider story arc going on this season. I love the subtle but aggressive mode that Marvel is portraying the devilish motorcycle rider as.

Fans are loving the latest rendition of Ghost Rider, played by Gabriel Luna. In fact fans have been asking for more GR, or more specifically, a series title over on Netflix!

The actor who portrays the character says that there's a structure in place that will support a move to Netflix or some other venue.

Now as you may know, when an actor says things about a project, it's almost akin to the company secretary speaking about the company's plans for her job position.

But we can all hope. I'd love to see a Ghost Rider show on Netflix. It would be a better fit there than in the movie realm, as we all know, that they've tried the movie route already.

We'll see, and hope! Right? Plus, I do love the Charger he's driving around in over in Agents of SHIELD!

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