My 2nd Review of HBO's WESTWORLD

I stand corrected. HBO's Westworld has a lot to offer and with a complicated and yet engaging story line, is an enjoyable and true escape from the day-to-day rigors.

No spoilers ensue...


In my first review of Westworld, I came out of the first episode a bit disillusioned, thinking it was a bit convoluted with all the details that we were hit with in that episode. Though I did not clearly state it, it felt like the show was going to be all about the robots, called hosts, and very little about the humans (guests). I did not look forward to the rest of this new series.

Plus in the first episode there were some switch and baits in the details of the story. But I kept the show in my DVR queue and now I stand corrected in my first perspective.

As the story develops out of the first episode, I find the problems that the hosts are having to be fascinating and annoying, all at once.

But then the issues behind the problems the hosts are having stem from the avidity of humanity. Of the need to improve on something, without looking outside themselves for some kind of control.

But as the story evolves, there are some great and quirky surprises and twists, not to mention subtle homages paid to the original 1973 movie. And one of those homages is totally awesome! If you haven't seen it yet, keep an eye out for a fuzzy background image.

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