POKEMON GO Halloween Event Keeps Giving - New Bonuses Coming - THANK YOU NIANTIC

I don't know if you guys have noticed, or just expected the Pokemon Go Halloween event to end on the 1st of November, so you put your games away, but dudes, dudettes, Poke-gamers and the like, the game is still afoot!  And farther down this post, a bit on new bonuses showing up in the game.

First off, THANK YOU Niantic for spicing up the game and making it totally fun again!!! It was fun to have things coming out of the woodwork and it was fun to hear my buddy finding its candy every five minutes or so. (Depending on your buddy)  Because of this fun special going on, I was motivated and walked and ran my ass off this week and finally evolved my side-flopping MagiKarp into the ass-kicking Gyarados!

Gyarados Walking Buddy in POKEMON GO


And all the ghosts, cats and psychic monsters coming out of the woodwork was a blast. I now have about 10 decent Hypno monsters and a few other things. And I'm guessing you, Niantic, loved the special event too, considering your profits skyrocketed almost 2.5 times what you were making before the special.

Sure, the game is not as hard-core right now like it was. But as you and your wallets can see, we loved being able to amp up our inventory.

As it stands, I know that the Halloween game was supposed to end on the 1st, but so far, things seem to be going strong today, on the 2nd. And I'm still walking around the block, over and over!

Any way, the special was fun. It reinvigorated the game for me and I was emotionally preparing to put it down again when the specials ended. But now, now we hear that you have some new Pokemon Go game bonuses in store for us! And they sound like a blast too!

Someday down the road, we're going to be getting first Pokestop and first Catch bonuses, plus, if we keep the hard charge going, we'll also be getting "seven days in a row" bonuses! That truly sounds pretty neat. And invigorating for the game again!

I don't want to steal their thunder, but if you want to know the details on the upcoming new bonuses, check out Pokemon Go Hub's post, new Pokemon Go game bonuses.

At this point, after Halloween and wondering when the new bonuses will start, I've gone from bored and ready to bail, to exhausted from all the walking and playing!

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