CWs SUPERGIRL And Her Batman Easter Eggs

I don't know if you watch Supergirl on The CW, formerly aired over on CBS, but they are still cranking out comparatively decent episodes over on The CW as they did on CBS.

How long that lasts, well, we'll see, but one of the fastest and first budget cuts they made was when Calista Flockhart checked out of the show within two episodes of it moving to the network.

Now, Jimmy Olsen was promoted and sits in Cat Grant's office. With all those TVs on in the background. Oh those TVs.

But I'll get back to those in a moment.


Over the last few seasons, in case you have not noticed, Supergirl sometimes makes quick but interesting references to what could be considered Easter egg nods to other DC characters in "her universe." I say "her universe," because when they did The Flash crossover with Supergirl, they put her in some other dimension where Green Arrow and the gang don't exist.

But over in her universe, in a recent episode, Kara made mention of Superman working with a vigilante once who has tons of gadgets and lots of demons. (paraphrased)

Last season she made a reference to Batman, possibly, when she made an off-handed comment to a foe saying that she thought masks were big in that other city.

We've also seen Gotham City referenced in the second season premiere.


Fans love these little nuggets or references to off-screen characters from the same universe, even if legal agreements between DC and networks can severely restrict the usage of obvious characters on various shows.

For anyone who watched Smallville over the years are all too familiar with these seemingly stupid restrictions, but we never saw Tom Welling don the suit until the last moments of the series finale. But networks and studios pay big bucks for character exclusivity. And the comic companies have to abide by those contracts, binding their own hands.

So for instance, since FOX airs Gotham, whose to say how much money they've dropped to potentially have Batman in their show. Being that this that show is a prequel, they may not have any plans to show Batman. But if they did drop money for character rights, we may never see him on Supergirl.

As it is, I've always presumed that the Green Arrow was their closest approximation to Batman and that was that. I accepted and moved on.


Those TVs in Cat Grant/Jimmy Olsen's Office

Since Supergirl premiered on TV I've been watching those TVs in the background looking for clues to things going on in the movie universe.

I figured back when Batman V. Superman was coming out that Cat Grant's wall of TVs would have been the perfect place to drop cool nuggets for the fans, but as far as I can tell, they've not taken advantage of that beautiful wall! The same could be said for the Suicide Squad.

But unless I've missed something, they've done nothing with those precious TVs.

Dudes! Do something. Give fans some cool scraps from the DC universe on those TVs. They're supposedly always on in Jimmy's office to monitor all news. Wouldn't other DC characters be making news every now and then? Whether it be in the movies, TV or even the comic pages?

This is the perfect opportunity. Or so I would think. Sure, ABC uses Agents Of SHIELD to propagate info from the movie world. (It doesn't go the other way for various reasons of an obtuse nature.) But I have to wonder if yet again, DC does not want to look like them. But then again, that's what's screwed up their latest movie projects. Trying desperately to not be like Marvel.


But be it as these things lie, the Supergirl series seems to have dropped some Easter egg nuggets about the Dark Knight. And The CW/DC are completely wasting what could be an awesome resource by not using that awesome wall of news TVs in Jimmy Olsen's office.

GET WITH IT DC! Give the fans some fun stuff.

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