SURVIVOR: Adam Klein's Mother Did Pass Away From Cancer

Tonight's episode of Survivor saw the family members visiting the Survivors. In the family reunion we Watched Adam greet his brother and they talked about Adam's mother, who, at the time of filming, had stage four lung cancer.

The insidious beast of cancer strikes again, because two days after Survivor filmed its final tribal council, his mother, Susie passed away.

I'm so sorry Adam.

Cancer is an insidious monster of a disease, that at the bottom of my heart, I believe, humanity can beat if we focused on it.

But we don't. Yet there are such simple things we can do to help fight the fight.

All it can take is $1.  I know that sometimes we don't always feel like we have enough to help donate to the fight. But even a "mere dollar" can help.

You see, for example, if 6 million people who tuned in to watch Survivor tonight, all decided to pick up the phone/laptop and send a dollar to a a charity for cancer. That would be a quick $6 million for the battle.

That's a lot of money.

Then again, as crazy as it sounds, advertisers drop $20 billion a TV season to pitch their products. I know that's a necessity in the business to keep our favorite TV shows going, but dang, imagine what it would be like if for one season, that $20 billion went into cancer research? Boom!

It's actually quite that simple, a single dollar. If enough of us thought that way.

Many many people have had to suffer the horrors of cancer, every one in three, to some extent or another. I wish we could just focus for once and do something together. As a team.


With that said, Adam started a fundraising campaign in his mother's name.

Go here and help him raise money in the name of his mother:

Or contribute to a cause you feel comfortable contributing to. Either way, we need to kick its ass. Cancer sucks.

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