The CW's Heroes V Aliens DC Crossover Event

Next week marks the week where all the DC property shows on The CW have a crossover event where everyone from Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow more or less meets, greets, and kicks ass.

In the case of next week, we have aliens coming down to earth and our heroes have to band together to kick ass.

What I'm looking forward to is how they explain the Supergirl situation where the last time we saw her and the Flash in their own crossover, she was in a different dimension that did not have the other heroes in it. I hope they pull her into "this" world with this event.

I'm also curious how bossy Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) is? He's usually the one that needs to be in charge, but when faced against such raw power from the other teams, well...

We'll see.

Check out the 2-minute preview.

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