VOLTRON Live-Action Film Under Development... Again... Maybe


A few years back we had heard all the news that there was a live-action Voltron film being developed. That live-action version panned out pretty fast then it became an animated series on Netflix titled Voltron Legendary Defender. A fun, animated version, for sure. You can see what I have to say here in this review...  

But now that the animated version is doing so well, and that Universal snagged the scripts for the older live-action and now they're considering renewing the development process again.

They've given the writing assignment to David Hayter, who was the pen behind the first two X-Men and Watchmen films.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, at the moment, Universal is sitting at the script stage and waiting to see what Hayter might pump out before moving forward.

Word on the street suggests that Universal is waiting to see how the newest Power Rangers movie does, considering how similar the two franchises seem to be.

So time will tell just how far along this latest hope comes along.

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