POKEMON GO's Server Crash Set Me Free

Yesterday Niantic sent out an update to the Pokemon Go app. The only thing I had noticed was that my app was taking a lot longer to load. But no biggie.  Except that with the update, a few things were moved around. Like acknowledgement buttons.

Today when the server went down, a prompt came up saying it could not connect to the server. There was a button in the place that USED TO SAY OK to the statement. But with the update it seems that a few things had been moved around and instead of acknowledging the system error, I was logging out.

No biggie, I'll log back in.  HA HA HA HA.

Once I figured out which email address I had used, I tried to use their password retrieval process to get/change my password and log back in, but the system keeps saying that they don't have record of my email address. The very same email address that is the basis for my level 30 player account.

And their service support does not seem to want to re-associate my preferred email with the account. they keep telling me how to fix my end of the problem with a myriad of suggestions for fixing my phone. Um, guys, it's your system saying it does not have record of the email address you've even sent things to in the past! Dumb asses.

Well, I took one or two of their suggestions to heart...  I cleared my app's cache. I cleared the data content it was holding and I deleted it off my phone! And now I'm not chasing battery charges like a desperate addict. At 1% battery drain per minute, it was getting stupid, when even Google Maps doesn't even notch up that kind of drain. I'm looking up and seeing the world for what it is. I'm not wasting time or money walking to build up egg hatching points. (That of late was a total waste) I can listen to my music once again.

So now that I can't get back into my account, it's almost a fantastic revelation being let go by this game.

If they never get back to me with a satisfactory answer from there end, so be it! I don't think I'll miss the game that I've obsessed over since it's release. But hey, it was a fun distraction while it lasted, and I got it up to level 30, which isn't bad for someone with a life.

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