Was A Pokemon Spotted In The Real World?

The other day my wife called and said that the dog is looking at something growing out of our gutters.

This is Lark, from Vader's Disc Dog World, looking up at the new development:

And so I was wondering what it was she was staring at. Yes, my pup takes note of new things.

Here's a pic of the thing that Lark was looking at:

Do you see the leaves sticking up out of the gutter up there?

The first thing I thought of was that it's an "Oddish!!!" My wife poo-poo'd that. I said go catch it!  She has no sense of humor when it comes to all things Pokemon, then I sent her this pic:

But silence. Apparently she had no faith in the fun.  But check out the screen shot from my Pokemon Go screen.  See? But we could not confirm or deny that the item spotted in the gutter that day was or was not an Oddish Pokemon.

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